The reception after the funeral, which is sometimes called the funeral gathering or wake, is an opportunity to mourn the passing of the person who has died and, as importantly, to celebrate their life. The reception also gives friends and relatives the opportunity to express their condolences and support for the deceased person’s close family.

The gathering can take many forms from a traditional cup of tea and sandwiches to a drinks party at home or in the pub.


Choosing a venue

You need to decide the sort of gathering that you and other family members want. The deceased person may well have made their own preferences clear either to the family or in a letter of wishes.

If you decide to use the Oakham and/or Sandhurst Suite, you are advised to make the booking as soon as you have decided the date for the funeral. The funeral director, who you have appointed, will be able to help in making the booking should you prefer.


Arranging catering

You may find in the days following the death that understandably family members do not feel up to the job of preparing the food and drink for the reception.

Instead, you may want to book the Oakham Suite. You will need to estimate how many people will be attending the reception. This can be difficult to do and you may need to ask a couple of family members to help you by phoning around to quantify numbers.

We provide several options shown in our brochure. If you wish to serve your loved one’s favourite food or drink, we may be able to accommodate your request as we try to be as flexible as possible with these kinds of requests.

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Special touches

As part of the increasing trend towards a ‘Celebration of Life’ and the personalising of funerals, families are introducing special touches into the arrangements for the reception. These special touches may be a simple display of some photos of the deceased person, a choice of music, a favourite choice of wine or some informal reminiscences from close friends.

Please discuss your requirements with us.

Please note

The information included here is a brief outline of information for your consideration. The information is not a substitute for the professional judgment of an undertaker, solicitor, accountant or other professional adviser. We cannot guarantee that information provided by us will meet your specific needs, as this will very much depend on your individual circumstances.

You should, therefore, use the information only as a starting point for your enquiries.

We will be pleased to discuss your individual requirements in a caring and sensitive way.

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Suite Specifications

Oakham Suite


  • Recommended capacity: 50-200.
  • Size: 15 X 9 mtrs
  • Stage: 4.4 X 2.9 mtrs
  • Annexe : 9×6 mtrs

Key features

  • Good natural lighting
  • Stage for bands, discos, presentations
  • Adjacent annexe which may be separate- ie break out room
  • Dining areas adjacent to catering facilities- up to 180 diners
  • Flexible event space with high ceiling
  • Free Wi-Fi internet

Sandhurst Suite


  • Passenger lift from main foyer
  • Separate rear staircase access from main rear car park
  • L shaped room adjacent to large bar and seating
  • Recommended capacity: 25-125 people (boardroom, classroom, u-shaped, cabaret, theatre)
  • Good natural light
  • Flexible space – can be used in various layouts
  • Next to large bar area and Executive lounge for refreshments

Key features

  • Free WIFI
  • Fully integrated AV solutions including  sound system
  • Lectern
  • Projector

Room configurations

  • Theatre: up to 100 people
  • Classroom: up to 50 people
  • U-shaped: up to 40 people
  • Boardroom: up to 40 people
  • Cabaret: up to 50 people

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